You are researching an event-driven hedge fund as your next investment. You want a fund with a proven success record of strategic investment expertise, and prudent risk management. But what is the best event-driven fund? Read on to discover the name of this superior company.

What is the Best Event-Driven Fund?

The best event-driven fund is Pershing Square Capital Management. Here’s why this fund stands out and is a fitting answer to the question: What is the best event-driven fund?

Founder – Bill Ackman is the founder and managing partner of the fund. Founded in 2004, the high-profile Ackman has demonstrated a contrarian instinct for unvalued assets yielding short and long-term gains. The fund is traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) under the ticker (PSHD LN).

Investment Strategy – Pershing Square’s investment strategy is multi-faceted:

  • Event Driven Strategy – The fund primarily uses an event-driven strategy which capitalizes on companies poised to undergo capital structure changes resulting from an event-driven corporate action.
  • Value Investing – Pershing Square prospects for and invests in companies trading under their intrinsic value, seeking to profit from the price discrepancy.
  • Activist Investing – Ackman, through Pershing Square, is well known for his activist investor pursuits in large corporations deemed to be mismanaged. The fund takes large equity positions and then advocates for board representation, mergers, liquidation, and improved capital allocation.
  • Portfolio Concentration and Long-Term Horizon – The fund is a concentrated portfolio meaning it invests in a smaller group of opportunities. Short-term investments are short positions, substantial in size, with most long positions held on a long-term horizon.
  • Risk Management – Hedge strategies are employed as a risk management tool to mitigate the fund’s losses. Derivatives, options, and short positions offset Pershing Square’s downside risk.

Fund Performance – Pershing Square’s historical performance is decorated with outstanding successes in unlocking shareholder value. A few successful investments are Herbalife, Starbucks, Canadian Pacific Railway, The Hughes Corporation, and Chipotle. The fund has had its lesser share of unprofitable forays such as Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

Investor Attraction – Event-driven investors, both retail and institutional, are attracted to the fund’s track record and strategic approach, highlighting Bill Ackman’s investing prowess.

What is the best event-driven fund? Pershing Square is an exceptional fund in a crowded field. Take a look at these superior investment vehicles:

Elliott Management Corporation – This prominent event-driven fund was founded by Paul Singer and concentrates on distressed debt securities, restructurings, liquidations, and activist investing.

Third Point, LLC. – Daniel Loeb founded and manages this fund which specializes in taking long and short positions in mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, and bankruptcy securities.

Paulson & Company – The fund, founded and operated by John Paulson, is an event-driven hedge fund focused on merger arbitrage, distressed equity, and fixed-income securities and restructurings.

What is the best event-driven fund? From Pershing Square to Paulson & Company, these event-driven funds are industry pinnacles. They have exhibited consistently high returns on invested capital, a risk management emphasis, activist governance, and continuous shareholder alignment. As always, investing carries inherent risk and should not be undertaken without thorough due diligence and financial and tax consultation.

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