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ParentTickerSpincoTickerPREventTradingDeal BriefReminder
Banana Inc.BAN (NASDAQ)Peel Co.PL (NASDAQ)Nov 3rd, 2023Q3 2024TBDFruit software business Banana Inc is spinning off 75% of it’s Peel cyber security subsidiary. BAN expects to spin off the remainder of the sub at a later time. Every BAN share will receive 1.5 shares of PL. CEO Mark Citrus will leave BAN to head the new company.Upgrade
Alaska PetsWOOF(OTCX)Cat Co.CAT (OTC)Nov 4th, 2023Q3 2024TBDAlaska Pets to spin off 100% of its money losing division Cat Co, providing a boost to parent earnings. Each WOOF share will receive 0.954 CAT shares. This deal is done under activist pressure. CAT will rent facilities from WOOF post-event. No upper management changes announced.Upgrade
CitadelCITA (NAS)
Total IndustriesWX3 (WSE)
Duottie PharmaDUO (TSX)
Westminster MachiningWEMA (OTC)
Meta PlatformsMETA (NYSE)
CLSA FinancialCLSA (OTC)
Autoplus WindscreensAWIND (SGX)
Ajou Motor CollegeTHINK (HK)
Alaska PetsWOOF(OTCX)
Banana Inc.BAN (NAS)
MechatronicsMEC (NAS)
Fourinone QuestFOQU (NAS)
Chicago PizzaDEEP (OTC)
Upcoming Spinoffs Event Calendar

What is a Stock Spin-Off?

A stock spin-off is a situation in which a company packages up an operating division / subsidiary and divests of the company by distributing common stock to existing shareholders. The end result is a a new publicly traded company.

how to find spin-off stocks?

The best way to find upcoming stock spinoffs is to access a free spin-off stock list such as ours. You can also find upcoming spinoffs by monitoring SEC or other regularity filings. Often you can stumble upon them during your regular investment idea sourcing process. Lastly, you can monitor business news for spin off situations.

when will I receive my spinoff shares?

You should receive your spinoff shares by the first trading day, as specified by the parent company. Typically in a company’s press release announcing the spin off, the company will list expected dates for the spin off. Later filings will reveal the specific date for the spin off, and you should receive your shares on that day.

How many shares do I get from a spinoff?

The number of shares you receive from an upcoming spinoff varies considerably from event to event. The number of shares is specified by the parent company prior to spinning off the division / subsidiary. To tell how many shares you will get for any specific spin off, monitor the company’s filings.

What’s the difference between upcoming stock splits and spinoffs?

The difference between upcoming stock splits and spinoffs is that a stock split simply increases the number of outstanding shares trading in the market (without changing the ownership percentages), while an upcoming spinoff intends to create a new publicly traded company. The two events are not at all related.