About Us

Event Driven Daily in brief

Event Driven Daily is focused on uncovering outstanding special situation investments, presenting them to our subscribers, and then providing details and in-depth analysis for members. We focus on all classic special situation opportunities (spinoffs, rights offerings, merger arbitrage, post-brankruptcies, liquidations, activists, jockey stocks) as well as more modern takes on event driven opportunities (index inclusions & deletions, broken IPOs, cluster insider buys, etc).

“Our aim is simple. We want to radically reduce the time and effort that it takes you to find high quality special situation investments.”
Evan Bleker
Founder, Chief Executive

How we serve you

Event Driven Daily provides three solutions for special situation investors: Daily Digest, Digest Plus, and Membership.

Daily Digest (Free) – We provide you with weekly emails filled with the latest special situation opportunities that we find.

Digest Plus – Upgrade to Digest Plus for a small fee to receive deal briefs on each special situation we find, and get access to our special situation calendars to track interesting opportunities and receive timing alerts.

Membership – Full members have access to Digital Plus, as well as a community forum, and analysis on the most promising stocks.

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Office – 680 S Cache Street, Suite 100-7403, Jackson, WY, 83001, USA

Subscriber & Member Support – support [at] eventdrivendaily.com

Compliance and Legal – legal [at] eventdrivendaily.com

Editorial – support [at] eventdrivendaily.com