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Spin-Off Stocks
Tender Offers
Merger Arbitrage
Activist Pressure
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Save a huge amount of time sourcing stocks and quickly assess deals with our deal briefs. We listened to your challenges so built three powerful tools to help you craft a high return special situations portfolio quickly and easily.

Special Situation Event Calendars

A comprehensive list of all special situation opportunities that we’ve identified since inception, along with essential details and an outline of each deal we uncover.

Special Situation Community Forum

Discuss special situation investing, specific investment opportunities, trading strategies, and highlight key issues with a like-minded community.

Professional Grade Analysis

Our experienced team identifies interesting special situations, performs meticulous research, and then packages that research up into detailed investment reports.

Special situation event calendars

Quickly Identify and assess the most compelling opportunities

Scan comprehensive lists of special situation stocks, for a complete picture of all the opportunities available today.

Access key deal details at a glance for multiple events, all in one location, so that you have a good idea of any opportunity before you research.

Schedule one click reminder emails at set times before events take place to prevent missing great investments.

Special situation community forum

Connect with Experienced special situation investors

Ask questions about specific special situation investments to make sure you don’t miss a key detail.

Read about the special situation deals that other members find compelling so you build a stronger portfolio.

Ask questions about the technical or trading aspects of investing in special situations to help prevent costly mistakes.

professional grade stock analysis

read comprehensive reports on compelling special situation opportunities

Our analysts flag unusually compelling opportunities to help you narrow down the field of potential investments.

Each report is written after carefully analysis to ensure that you don’t miss a key detail when assessing your stocks.

Analysts present an investment case for each stock they identify so that you can properly weigh one opportunity against another.

Members also get…

Email Alerts – Daily or weekly based on user preference

Getting immediate notifications on new stocks we identify helps you take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities. Select your desired notification frequency to help manage your workflow.

Google Calendar Adds With just one click

Add Google calendar reminder notifications with just one click. Set reminders for stocks you’re interested in tracking so you can be notified via email, SMS text message, or Android phone notification according to Google’s sending options.

Evan’s new special situation stock buys

Sometimes it helps to know what other skilled investors are buying. Evan posts on our forum, sharing the stocks he’s most interested in. These tend to be the most opportunistic buys and stocks that really fly below the radar of most investors.

"What is the cost basis of spinoff shares?"

Special situation performance tracker for the strategies we cover

See the recent performance of the special situation strategies that we track, following their movements over time. We present this data in chart form, following the post event returns for 1 to 2 years so that investors get a good sense of the typical performance of the group.

One Half of the secret to outstanding long term performance

Great special situation opportunities are just one half of the equation for achieving great long term returns. The other half of the equation is actually taking advantage of them by identifying them quickly enough and fitting them into your portfolio.

[I]f Charlie… or I was working with a million, we would find a way to make [50% returns] with essentially no risk… There are little fringe inefficiencies that people don’t spot and you do get opportunities occasionally to [put money to work].
Warren buffett
Special situations helped him earn 50% returns in the 1950s
The list of corporate events that can result in big profits for you runs the gamut — spinoffs, mergers, restructurings, rights offerings, bankruptcies, liquidations, asset sales, distributions.
Joel Greenblatt
special situations Helped him earn 40% Returns in the 1990s
Playing the market, it’s a competitive area, it’s gambling. Too many variables, too many people competing with you. You can’t believe that the gambling will carry you. So, you look for something I call a ‘no-brainer.’ Very little risk, but a lot of reward.
Carl icahn
The most infamous activist in the last 100 years

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✓ All Strategies Covered
✓ Special Situation Calendar Access
✓ One Click Email Reminders
✓ One Click Google Calendar Adds
✓ Essential Deal Brief on Each Stock
✓ Daily or Weekly New Stock Notifications
✓ Inner Circle Forum Access
✓ Insight Into Evan’s Stock Selections
✓ Two Stock Analyses Per Month
✓ Strategy Performance Tracker

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Absolutely. Odd lot tender offers are one of the best ways to collect a few hundred dollars in a short period of time and at very little risk. The number of odd lot tenders we highlight should easily cover your membership dues for an entire year.

If for some reason you are not happy with our service, we’re happy to provide you with a pro-rata refund for your remaining months. Eg. If you join on January 1st but then cancel on January 10th, you’ll receive a pro-rata refund for 11 months.

Yes. We’re starting with the top 4 most requested strategies, but we plan on adding more strategies based on user demand. To do so, we need to see significant demand for a particular strategy, at which time we’ll review whether offering the strategy is technically feasible.

Your subscription fees or membership dues are locked in as long as you remain a member. The one caveat, though, is that if the US undergoes a sever currency crisis, then we may have to adjust rates to remain in business. Aside from that scenario, the rate you subscribe with will stay in effect so long as you maintain your membership or subscription.